“Knowing how to fully grasp the opportunities offered by different territories, orienting production choices according to climate changing, reviewing the management models of hives, updating them to new needs and being able to transform them into possibilities. For these real values, the choice of genetic material plays a crucial role, here lies the real challenge of the future to make our companies competitive and performing. “

Giacomo Acerbi

A more than 3500 hives nomadic organic beekeeping developed from northern to southern Italy, is the real test bench for our queens and an important tool for carrying out the selection work.

In the normal management honey production hives, the first skimming takes place between large groups of sisters for each cross coming from the isolated mating stations through a pre-selection protocol.

Only this way can we identify the best specimens of each line in very different climatic and harvest swathes and insert them in the latest selection program of the company.

In the production hives spread over a large part of the Italian territory we hold the tested groups of sisters for choosing the future drone line, we test the heritability of the characters in the progeny (F1) and we touch firsthand how the knowledge of the genetic material is of real usefulness for the optimization of production performance and the choice of the crossings that best suit a territory.

From this experience in managing large numbers of hives, several needs have arisen and several answers have been given by our work of selection and queen bees production: to reduce the varroa multiplication rate during the year by inserting varroa resistance traits into our lines and therefore produce exclusively 3D.VSH+ queen bees for our internal use, reduce swarm tendency without losing the heterosis necessary to achieve good performance on crops, focus on the longevity and good fertility of bees.

Organic Italian honeys, distinguished by harvesting areas, entirely from a controlled supply chain.

Giacomo Acerbi honey comes from a great passion and an in-depth knowledge of bees. It is the result of a nomadic beekeeping which, in less than four months, covers almost the entire Italian territory. The crop fields are extremely carefully selected, guaranteeing each time the most uncontaminated harvesting area possible and far from the pressure of agrochemistry. Giacomo Acerbi honeys are born from all these attentions, nectars of extreme purity, which fully reflect and describe the harvesting territories.

The processing of honey takes place at Tenuta Ritiro, in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the most modern and specialized extraction and packaging systems, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards, complete traceability and processing that respects and enhances the nutritional properties and the nature of the various honeys.

Our honey