From beekeepers to beekeeping

The company was founded in 2006 because of the passion and devotion to bees and beekeeping of the young Giacomo Acerbi. Tenuta Ritiro works with an international network for the evaluation of its genetic material. Starting from 3000 hives owned for honey production , located in central and northern Italy, our queen bees range from the far north to the south of the world, from Finland to Cyprus, from Canada to Lebanon: 10,000km of versatility,adaptation and excellent performance that make tenuta Ritiro the ideal partner for professional beekeeping.

Tenuta Ritiro is the European leader in buckfast queen bees production. This approval came over the years thanks to a continuous study, research and innovation in beekeeping as synthesis of several factors: choice of the best genetic material, partnership with the most important European realities in bees selection, utmost care to provide the highest quality from breeding to the shipment of the queen bees, trained and dedicated staff in every step, a dedicated, prompt and efficient customer service.

Respect, reliability, passion, determination are features that Giacomo Acerbi has transmitted to everything that is Tenuta Ritiro, certain that the future “has deep roots in the history of companies that have grown professionally together with us and the quality of our Queen Bees, choosing Tenuta Ritiro as their trusted partner”.


Our team

A close-knit group of experienced beekeepers consolidated over the years, coming from all over the world, is our real strength. The engine of our team is to do beekeeping as a life choice with the goal and ambition of always being at the forefront of every production process, but with the awareness that this requires study, preparation and sacrifice.

Giacomo Acerbi
Owner and manager

Giacomo Acerbi was born in Tortona, a town located in south-eastern Piedmont, on Dicember 3rd, 1984. After graduating from classical high school, he attended the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Florence with a specialization in ethics and bioethics. It is precisely these studies that bring him closer to beekeeping: issues such as biodiversity, environmental sustainability, are what bee represents in nature and the engine that initially brought Giacomo closer to this world. Back in his hometown, in the family farm, he began the work of beekeeper in 2006. From his father,a well-known dairy cow breeder and selector, he inherited entrepreneurial skills related to animal management that allow him to create and develop what is now the ” Tenuta Ritiro ” and being partner in other beekeeping companies such as ” Apicoltura la Fenice ” and ” L’Abbazia di Rivalta “.

Sandra Cernea
Manager Administrative and Sales

Sandra Cernea was born in Curtea de Arges, a small town at the foot of the Carpatina range, in the south center of Romania, on February 6th 1984. After graduating in mathematics-physics, she graduates in Internal and International Financial-Banking Business Relations from the Romanian-American University of Bucharest. She takes interest to the bees following her husband’s passion. Further, meeting Giacomo Acerbi, she worked for 3 years in queen bees breeding and subsequently managed to combine her studies with the passion for beekeeping. Since 2014, in fact, she has been the Administrative and Sales manager of Tenuta Ritiro”

Debora Rizzetto
Head Royal Cells and Queens Bees Production

Debora Rizzetto was born in Valenza on January 9th 1978, a town located in Piedmont, famous for its goldsmith’s crafts. After years of working in the sector, she inherited from her family a passion for bees and radically changed her life by choosing a career as a beekeeper. Since 2013 he has been working at Tenuta Ritiro as head of Royal cell breeding and her previous work experience in the goldsmith field, based on precision and scrupulous attention to detail, is well combined with the current assignment: care and meticulous search for quality.

Bogdan Cernea
Head Pre-selection and honey production

Bogdan Cernea, born on November 28th 1978 in Bucharest, capital of Romania, begins an engineering study journey at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.Developing from a young age the passion for bees, he soon changed his professional path to beekeeping and from 2012 began the cooperation with Tenuta Ritiro. Combining passion and professionalism, he runs and coordinates honey production, playing an essential role in the pre- selection of genetic material within a 3000 unit beeyard distributed throughout the national territory.