The production of royal cells from selected buckfast lines, usually begins in imagelate March and lasts untill the half of September. A careful choice of the age of the larvae that are picked up in the clutches and great attention in farming in starters and company finishers, provides an high quality based on steady characteristics:

  • good feeding of the larva during the rising phase,
  • good pied of the royal cells,
  • univocal time of birth.

Making transfer of larvae every day, you have royal cells to the tenth or eleventh image day fromo the graft from the graft throughout all the week. Royal cells must be booked in advance at least 15 days from the date of delivery and for quantities above 500 units per single delivery, the andavnced required time is 30 days. You can request specific lines as a function of men’s lines that you want to use for fertilization. Withdrawn from incubators, where they end the growth phase at a temperature of 34.9 degrees and at a constant humidity above than 40%, the borning cells are arranged in suitable foam rubber sponges for the transport and inserted in a container in polystyrene with controlled temperature. Delivery will be made only at the company headquarters.