The production image of queen bees buckfast begins from the middle to the end of April and lasts until late September. Apiaries of fecundation are located around 20 km from the company headquarters and have hives specially prepared and followed consistently throughout the season for males breeding. The saturation of our fecundation apiaries occurs with masculine lines chosen in a program of selection and genetic improvement agreed annually with buckfast recruiters of reference. This allows us to guarantee a job of fertilization entirely within the buckfast and a quantity and quality of drones always high. The 4000 fecundation drawers of the company, divided in apiaries 200 each, are imageworked by a team of skilled and trained workers in the assessment and selection of the queens in mininucleus.We have specialized buckfast lines to provide for the different needs and business addresses of our customers, well aware, however, that you can not have everything from a line:

  • An exasperated fecundity that provides a surplus of bees and broods becomes almost always in a low productivity on crops, because it influence negatively on the vitality and longevity of bees;
  • On the countrary, moderately prolific lines are highly performing on crops, as the longevity and strength of bees are high, but not always guarantee a surplus of bees and broods.