The collection of the queens in apidea is performed with a 15-day cycle, from the insertion of the rising royal cell , by a team of 4 beekeepers specialized and dedicated exclusively to this work. Every day are worked 400 apidea with a variable collection rate, because the quality of the queens is also determined by the selection in the drawer of fertilization: the more mininucleo is smaller, the more the selection standards are rigid. Every apiary of fertilization consists of 200 apidea and has its own breeding of male lines, carefully prepared and followed to ensure a quantity and quality of drones always high, during the whole season. The queens are available, depending on weather conditions, from mid-April to late September. In order to provide more timely service it is required an advance booking and scheduling of deliveries. The queens are distributed throughout the country and Europe with delivery times ranging from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the destination.