The choice of the male lines is a key element of our work: they influence in an important way on the genetic makeup of all the queens that we produce, to the extent that the 3/4 male lines chosen for the season are the constant for the fertilization of the multiple female lines that we use. The selection criteria are the same as described above with, however, two substantial differences: docility and stability. image If in a female line are preferred characteristics such as strength, vitality (hence the great productivity), consequences of a marked heterogeneity, masculine lines must be offset with a strong docility, homogeneity and stability of genetic traits. The work described above on the female and male lines concerns the totality of the queens intended for our customers, to ensure highly specialized lines and that meet each year to the very high quality standards.

A vital and productive material that is adaptable to the needs of professional beekeeper ranging from southern Italy to northern Europe, is the key to our success and the best business card of our company.