Used Female lines come from the breeding and selection of imageHorst Preissl of which our company holds the exclusive rights for the reproduction and sale worldwide. The genetic origin of this material comes mainly from the Anatolian breed, with an attitude to live in an extremely difficult environment. From this, derives a selection for combination in order to create stabilized lines of buckfast. In a world where there is a huge variability, such as the selection of buckfast, the genetic material that we use has defined features. The most important are:

  • Productivity: This is the main feature of the genetic lines that we use and the most important for a beekeeping aimed to the incomes. The performance on a crop of honey is the result of inherited genetic traits that can be summarized in the features listed here.
  • Fecundity and longevity: these two features are closely related; these lines are moderately prolific: in the phase of the beginning of the spring, brood development is gradual and follows the seasonal pattern. Where climatic conditions stabilise, the fertility of these lines is very high, constant and stable throughout the growing season. This balanced fertility results in a extraordinary vitality and strength, which is manifested in extremely long-lived bees with very high performance on crops, without the contraindications of very pushed lines, whose prolificity always turns into a loss of vitality in the working class bees. This moderate fertility, resulting in a long life for the bees due to a very good caring and feeding of the offspring in the larval stage, is the key to vital families with high performance on crops. In addition, the block of the brood in the autumn phase, takes place soon and this besides involving an optimus overwintering, due to a greater longevity of the winter bees and reduced consumption of stocks, provides the opportunity to intervene early with treatments against varrosi;
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  • Frugality: This quality is closely related to the previous two: these lines need less nutrition interventions and have considerable parsimony in the maintenance of stocks;
  • Disinclination to swarming: This key feature for a beekeeping aimed to the incomes, resides in our genetic material in an equilibrium with the great vitality due to heterosis. The more a line is vital and robust the more is productive, but the tendency to swarm is marked. The balance between the two genetic traits is the key to highly productive lines.

Having an Anatolian offspring, these lines have energy and capacity to spend the winter even in very difficult conditions, and furthermore morphological features make them highly productive bees: long and robust wings for example, affect very much enlarging their range of flight during a nectar flow.