The quality of a queen bee is determinated at the moment of the graft, image always choosing young larvae , and from the development of the royal cell, then from nutrition and caring in the starters and finishers. From that comes from the attention and care in our breeding for these two factors. Mothers are prepared three days before grafting, in order to guarantee larvae of age never major than 12-24 hours, in good quantity and all with unique age. Thank to the use of special starter in which trasferred larvae spend the first 24/36 hours, we guarantee a good nutrition of royal jelly in the first phase of development. Two different types of finishers rich of young bees and adequately fed, in which the cells remain until the capping, make sure the cells are always of good size and well taken care of. In fact it is from these factors that depend the quality of the future queen bee: its morphology, robustness and longevity are main aspects in the early stages of the graft and the development of the royal cell.