Giacomo Acerbi
Giacomo AcerbiOwner and Manager
Giacomo Acerbi was born in Tortona, a town in southeastern Piedmont, on 03/12/1984. After the high school, he attended the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Florence with a specialization in ethics and bioethics. Just these studies make him approaches to the beekeeping: issues such as biodiversity, environmental sustainability, are what the bee rapresent in nature and the engine that initially make Giacomo approach to this world. Come back in the hometown, thanks to the possibility to take advantage of a family farm, he began in 2006 the beekeeper profession. Inherited from his father, well-known breeder and selector of milk cows, business skills related to animal management, he creates and develops what is now the “Tenuta il Ritiro” and participates in other beekeeping companies such as “Apicoltura la Fenice” and “L’abazia di Rivalta “.

Sandra Cernea
Sandra CerneaCommercial manager
Sandra Cernea was born in Curtea de Arges, a town at the foot of the chain Carpatina, in central south-central part of Romania, on 02/06/1984. After she got a diploma in mathematics-physics, she obtained a degree in Internal and International Financial-Bank Commercial Relations at the Romanian-American University of Bucharest. The first contact with the bees took place following the passion of her husband. Later, thanks to the encounter with Giacomo Acerbi, she worked for three years in the breeding of queen bees and then she manages to combine her studies with the passion for beekeeping. Since 2014, in fact, she helds the position of commercial manager at the Tenuta il Ritiro.

Debora Rizzetto
Debora RizzettoManager of Royal Cells and Queen Bees
Debora Rizzetto was born in Valenza on 9/01/1978, a small town located in Piedmont, famous for its crafts jewelry. After years of working in the field, she inherited from her family the passion for bees and radically change her life by choosing a career as a beekeeper. From 2013 she has worked at the Tenuta il Ritiro as Manager of Royal Cells and Queen Bees and his previous work experience in the field of goldsmith, based on precision and meticulous attention to detail, matches very well with the current assignment: quality care and meticulous research.