The beekeeping company Tenuta il Ritiro, was born in 2006 thanks to the passion of a young beekeeper, Giacomo Acerbi. Located in Piedmont, in the heart of the Tortonesi hills, taking advantage of the botanical characteristics and climatic conditions of this region, the company has focused from the beginning, as well as on the production of honey, on breeding and reproduction of buckfast queen bees. Years of miticulous work on the genetics and the breeding techniques, have made it the leading company in Europe: each year are image produced and distributed throughout Italy and other European countries, more than 20.000 queen bees. A team of experts beekeepers and working closely with the most important breeders of buckfast, are the imageguarantee of a world class product. Essentially, it was the meeting in 2012 with Horst Preissl, whose experience was the key to further improve the quality of the company genetic material and provide well-defined and constants features. In fact, in a world where there is a huge variability, such as the buckfast one, business lines have well-defined characteristics and attributable to an important and recognized pedigree as the one of Horst Preissl. The company Tenuta il Ritiro, holds the European exclusive for the reproduction and sale of its genetic material. This agreement provides an annual supply of different genetic lines, each of which consists of at least a dozen sisters and it is only by the sorting of the best examples which are chosen mothers for the reproduction. Also only thanks to an intensive maintenance and improvement ,during the years, of this gene pool, Tenuta il Ritiro can ensure continuity and consistent quality, making it an ideal partner for professional beekeeping companies across Europe.